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Our Practice Areas

Our practice areas consist of subject matter experts with sufficient knowledge about other areas of practice. This allows for active collaborations and holistic approaches when dealing with clients’ matters.

Corporate & Finance

In a nutshell: Deals, projects & transactions in the corporate world and the boardrooms – helping you get the maximum bang for your buck.

Our Corporate & Finance Practice Group have been involved extensively in structuring financial instruments and providing advice to financial institutions / banks in a variety of prestigious projects and deals.

Our expertise covers all structured financing and banking facilities – be they based on the domestic front or overseas/offshore, margin financing, all manner and means of restructuring, listing exercises and mergers & acquisitions.

We set out below some of our major areas of experience:

  • Corporate & Securities Laws
  • Debt and Equity Capital Markets – in particular IPOs/Initial Public Offerings, Financing Instruments
  • Debt Restructuring and Schemes of Arrangements
  • Due Diligence Review
  • Hostile and Friendly Take-Overs
  • Investment Schemes
  • Joint Ventures Projects
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Commercial Transactions

We provide legal services involving commercial issues that arise in corporations in their transactions with third parties.

The services range from drafting legal documents, giving advice or attending meetings involving different parties with differing interests or conflicting agendas. We also participate in negotiations to further the interests of our clients and we do give a good fight when the occasion arises.

Legal documentation including drafting, advising or perusing the following:

  • Agency and distribution agreements
  • Manufacturing and supply agreements
  • Joint Venture projects
  • Sale of shaes agreements
  • Partnerships agreements